Darker Things

Release Date: August 16 2019.

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Darker Things
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Bassoonists Lynn Hileman and Rachael Elliott on a record that traverses three decades of modern repertoire for two bassoons, from the sacred to the profane. Masterful and virtuosic performers, the two became friends while studying at the Yale School of Music in the late 1990s and went on to form Tuple.

“Darker Things” is Tuple’s debut album which consists of five seminal works for two bassoons heard together here for the first time, drawing from the richness of Russian modernism, Dutch absurdism and American post-minimalism.

  1. Black (2008)
    Marc Mellits (b. 1966)

  2. Nocturnal Residents (1989)  
    Chiel Meijering (b. 1954)

  3. Duo Sonata (1977)      
    Sofia Gubaidulina (b. 1931)

  4. Lacrimosa (1991)      
    Louis Andriessen (b. 1939)

  5. Bounce (1988)             
    Michael Daugherty (b. 1954) 

Special Thanks:

Evan Feldman, Paula Mlyn, Jeff Rawson, Graham Saathoff, Dave Schall, Heidi Whitman, Department of Music at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Copyright Bright Shiny Things 
Recorded at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Schall
Produced by Tuple and Louis Levitt
Cover art: Mappamundi (5) by Heidi Whitman
Design: Marian Holmes