As One

Release Date: June 28, 2019.

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As One, by Laura Kaminsky with a libretto by Mark Campbell and Kimberly Reed, performed by baritone Kelly Markgraf (Hannah before), mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke (Hannah after) and the Fry Street Quartet. Conducted by Steven Osgood.

As One is a chamber opera in which two voices—Hannah after (mezzo-soprano) and Hannah before (baritone)—share the part of a sole transgender protagonist. Fifteen songs comprise the three-part narrative; with empathy and humor, they trace Hannah’s experiences from her youth in a small town to her college years—and finally traveling alone to a different country, where she realizes some truths about herself.

As One was originally commissioned, developed and premiered by American Opera Projects

"As One forces you to think, simultaneously challenging preconceptions and inspiring empathy."  —The New York Times

“A piece that haunts and challenges its audience with questions about identity, authenticity, compassion and the human desire for self-love and peace.” —Opera News

“As One is everything that we hope for in contemporary opera: topical, poignant, daring, and beautifully written. “ —New York Classical Review

"An elegantly realized chamber opera…" —


  1. Introduction

  2. Paper route

  3. Cursive

  4. Sex ed

  5. Entire of itself

  6. Perfect boy

  7. To know

  8. Two cities

  9. Three words

  10. Close

  11. Home for the holidays

  12. A Christmas story

  13. Dear son

  14. Out of nowhere

  15. I go on to…

  16. Norway

Produced by Judith Sherman
Editing assistant: Jeanne Velonis
Session asssistant: Keith Carson
Recorded September 10-10, 2018 in the Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall, Utah State University, Logan, UT
American Opera Projects original commisioning organization

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